The Basics of Manipulation in Social Networks (O1)

The Basics of Manipulation in Social Networks (01)

Only few teachers are familiar with technical instruments of manipulation and professional strategies of indoctrination by groups and states.

For this reason, these manipulation instruments will be comprehensibly explained in short sections in the IO. Hence, this IO forms the necessary background for teachers for the implementation of a research-studio as well as for the discussion and evaluation of the process with students. This compendium is also important for all teachers who do not conduct a workshop on populist presentations with their students. They are able to help students protect themselves against radical and populist campaigns and attempts to influence them. The impact expected is high, as this IO will be disseminated on the well-known EU-wide platforms for teachers (eTwinning, School Education Gateway, Project and Results Platform). The contents are not only relevant for teachers in schools, but also for multipliers in the youth field, in adult education and in the higher education sector.

Instruments of indoctrination or manipulation are social bots, algorithms and hoax campaigns. Artificial intelligence systems (e.g. google assistant), which are incorporated in all newer smartphones, can also have manipulative effects.

Moreover, there are also examples of professional “influencers" who work for radical and populist parties and groups. They make use of e.g. "dark posts" and "native advertising".