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Easy to implement Strategy Kit (O4)

Ready to implement - Strategy Kit (O4)

Welcome to the DETECT-Toolkit!

The partners of the DETECT project in Bulgaria, Croatia, Austria and Germany will hold the research-studios.

In order to facilitate the transferability of the DETECT-studios to general and vocational schools, universities, and private and public training institutes in the EU, the project consortium creates practical didactic explanations on the principle of problem and research orientation. The focus is on the planning, implementation and evaluation of DETECT-studios.

The focus is on practical "critical points" that teachers will be confronted with:

- Self-directed process of actors vs. intervention and correction by teacher; Use this act of balancing out as an opportunity to consciously reflect upon your own way of teaching

- take a differentiated look at the professional development process during research teaching practice; to perceive positive as well as problematic experiences, to reflect on possible causes and to consult with others

- Lead the research cycle from the development of a problem, through the selection of methods, to the interpretation and presentation of the results

- Assessment of the learning achievements of the actors by the teacher